Difference between Exotic Longhair and Persian cats

At first sight, you might scratch your head and be mystified when trying to detect the difference between the Exotic Longhair and the Persian purebred cats. After all, they look identical. The difference, as I understand it, is in their character. And the difference in character is because the Exotic Longhair is a product …

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History of the American Shorthair – Roman times to the present!

American Shorthair Portrait

Before I put pen to paper in earnest on the subject of the history of the American Shorthair cat, I must thank Valerie Edwards of Fenton Farm. She has the most detailed version of the history of any cat breed that I have seen. I simply cannot cover all the ground that she covers. …

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American Shorthair cat ‘Piper’ and one other, both silver tabbies

American Shorthair cat Piper

I believe that the American Shorthair is an underrated purebred cat. This is a cat with a long American history, similar to the more famous Maine Coon. This was a cat of American barns, a kind of working cat; a moggy to use the vernacular. They were and still are to be honest street …

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American Shorhair kitten rebuffs Scottish Fold’s attempts to play

One kitten wants to play but the other ain't cooperating

‘Steamed Bun’ is the cute Scottish Fold who desperately wants Wan Xi to play but, no, it ain’t gonna happen today. No response is forthcoming despite a lot of effort. This is a video filmed in China. It is nice to see this Chinese person embracing Western values on domestic cat ownership. Or is …

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American Shorthair Photographic Portrait

An outstanding photographic portrait by Helmi Flick of the popular American Shorthair. It has a “portrait” quality, hence the title. It is quite formal and straightfoward. The coat is classic silver tabby. This is considered to be the coat most favoured by breeders of this cat and buyers as far as I am aware.

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