Picture of a domestic cat outside an Egyptian temple

Picture of an Egyptian domestic cat outside a temple in which the cat looks like an ancient Egyptian statue

This is a lovely photograph as the cat looks like an ancient Egyptian statue. All the ancient Egyptian statues depict elegant, rather slender, shorthaired cats. They remind me of today’s Abyssinian cat and there may be a connection there but there is no evidence. This cat has a grey coat and steely, golden eyes …

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Chartreux Cat Infographic

Chatreux cat

Perhaps the most significant two facts about this cat breed is that it is France’s only purebred cat and the breed standard has remained untouched throughout the breed’s existence in the cat fancy which started in the late 1800s. This is because the intention is to maintain the original appearance. You can see this …

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The reason why humans and their pets might never have existed

Early humans might have been wiped out by catastrophic climate change as their population had dwindled to less than 1300 adults of reproductive age because of droughts according to research.

There is an interesting article in The Times today, Friday, September 1, 2023 which I would like to discuss briefly. The title is “Early humans were on brink of extinction”. Remarkably the research that Kaya Burgess reports on found that the population of Homo sapiens’ ancestors dwindled to less than 1300 adults about 900,000 …

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