Tragedy as female cat suffers catastrophic reaction to general anesthetic

Man comforts his female cat who suffered a catastrophic reaction to a general anesthetic for a spaying operation

This cat video made me feel sick. A tragedy. What can you say about this story? It is your worst nightmare as a cat caregiver. You take your cat to the vet for a standard spaying operation and she is destroyed by it. We don’t know what happened but it must have been the …

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Longhaired domestic cats become more active and happier after a lion cut

Persian cat with lion cut

This is an interesting observation from Dr Bruce Fogle in one of his books (Complete Cat Care) which is confirmed anecdotally on the internet. Usually placid longhaired cats become ‘markedly more active and involved in family life’ after their fur is trimmed down. This is usually in the form of a lion cut in …

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Guilt-ridden cat owner’s British Shorthair brain damaged during dental cleaning

Cat was brained damaged during teeth cleaning

Introduction Note: I wrote a while ago in draft and forgot about it so I have published it today. It is instructive. There is a risk when a domestic cat is taken to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned. I believe that veterinarians tend to underplay the risk. They might say that one …

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Cat Aggressive After Anesthesia

People search for information about cats being aggressive after they have been anesthetised at a veterinary clinic and return home. The question is: does the anaesthetic change the cat’s personality from calm to aggressive or is something else happening such as “Feline Non-Recognition Aggression”? Something else is happening in my opinion, although anaesthetics can …

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Cat has Dilated Eyes after General Anesthetic

A cat might have dilated eyes after a general anesthetic. This may worry the cat’s owner because anesthetics can harm or, rarely, even kill a cat. However, anesthetics have greatly improved over recent years and are considered safe. Although, I had to sign a consent form before the operation indicating some risk. No doubt, …

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Cat Anesthetics Decision Making

One in 416 cats die under anesthetic. Cat owners should know the chance of their cat dying under general anesthetic. A lot of medical procedures on the domestic cat require a general anesthetic. Even simple ones such as cleaning a cat’s teeth require a general anesthetic unless, of course, you have trained your cat …

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British Shorthair Dies Undergoing Routine Surgery

Cat under general anesthetic

by Irina Shendrik (Brooklyn, NY) My almost 7 months old British Shorthair died yesterday while having a routine spaying surgery. My family is devastated, its a horrible tragedy for all of us. We loved our baby Basya beyond belief..and cannot comprehend what happened. Doctors said that when they started the anaesthesia Basya immediately went …

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