Pros and cons of an online policy which bans animal abuse videos and pictures

Banning animal abuse videos and images: pros and cons

The consensus is that animal abuse videos and pictures should be banned across the Internet. That’s what we find. The big social media websites such as Facebook enforce an across-the-board ban of animal abuse videos and pictures. And you will find that businesses which host millions of websites strictly prohibit animal abuse videos and …

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Taylor Swift should ask her fans to stop spinning with their cats to her song August

Cat is scared as owner spins around to Taylor Swift track 'August'

You may have heard that there is a new meme on the Internet and it concerns Taylor Swift’s song August. The song is currently trending and I guess people know that she likes cats and lives with them so they are grabbing their cat under the armpits and spinning around while capturing the “fun” …

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Man who put his cat in a blender video jumped

Xu Zhi Hui

This is a disturbing and confusing story but I have gradually unravelled it since posting this page. And the wording of the title I have used for this post is confusing as well. It is taken from Twitter. Please read the whole page as the end is important – I tracked down the man …

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TikTok – the intelligent and the ignorant. Too many animal abuse videos influencing the gullible.

On Tiktok there can be a battle between the intelligent and rational individual and the ignorant and irrational

You might be aware that TikTok is controversial. There is good and bad. One good TikTok channel is operated by Ben the Vet. He is the voice of reason. He’s an intelligent guy presenting the truth on a factual basis. His thoughts chime with mine. Interestingly, he claimed that he is sometimes rubbished in …

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Does YouTube allow videos of animal cruelty?

YouTube don't always remove clear examples of reported animal abuse videos

YES, in practice YouTube allows videos of animal cruelty despite their own policies (as stated by Google online) quite correctly forbidding them. The policy on animal abuse is set out below. The disturbing aspect of this fact is that YouTube allows videos of animal abuse even when the videos are reported by users. It …

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