Society should not persecute volunteers who struggle to help stray cats

If you feed a stray cat is it legally yours?

Kind people are sometimes compelled to help stray cats but are fearful of complaints and worse. A lady responded to Rae’s article (see link below) which is about helping a woman who become overwhelmed in providing care for stray cats. … please continue reading

Shelter “Killed Injured Kittens in a Freezer”

The authorities in Indiana are investigating claims that a Spencer County animal shelter has been freezing animals to death. Yes, it is alleged that shelter workers euthanized (killed) kittens by freezing them alive. The information comes from the shelter employees … please continue reading

Rogue Animal Control officer seizes nine feral cats from backyard. 7 are euthanized.

Rogue animal control officer seizes 9 feral cats from private property

This is the disturbing story of an Animal Control officer employed by Hays County, Texas, USA, who apparently entered upon private property where nine ear-tipped, neutered, feral cats were living and seized them. He took them to an animal shelter: … please continue reading

In Act of Gross Stupidity Animal Control Officer Shoots Domestic Cat Dead on Owner’s Porch

I say that the animal control officer was very stupid. I have prejudged that based upon what I’ve read. It may be the case that he was both stupid and malicious but we will have to leave final judgement to … please continue reading

Happy Ending For Dog Pictured Being Dragged Along By Rowan County Animal Control Officer

In a recent article by Elisa on the concerns regarding animal welfare at Rowan County Animal Control, a photograph showed a dog being dragged along rough tarmaced ground by his neck with an animal grasper. The person dragging the dog … please continue reading