Dating app for cat lovers (they need one of their own)

Love between cat lovers

I’ve just discovered a dating app for cat lovers. It is called Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App. The URL is I signed up to it to see how it works. It is very easy to become a member – sign up works well. I wonder, though, how hard it is to …

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Courageous Belgian woman during World War II fed stray cats with prime fillet steak

Janine de Greef

Janine de Greef, a Belgian and a leading figure in the wartime Comet Line escape organisation during World War II was a spirited, kindhearted and charitable person who used to feed the strays cat in her neighbourhood with the finest fillet steak. She must have been an animal lover and still a very young …

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“Sometimes cats are better than people” – Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley and her Ragdoll cat

Judging by Rachel Riley’s social media communications and photograph I have to come to the conclusion that she likes animals. That may be simplistic and rather obvious but at the same time I think it’s important. It’s nice to have a celebrity on the side of animals and with a voice for animals. In …

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Shraddha Kapoor is an animal lover

Shraddha Kapoor

I am an instant fan of Shraddha Kapoor. I had no idea who she was until about five minutes ago when I discovered some nice things about her. She posted to her Instagram account a very short video of a feral cat being rescued near her home. She has 51.9 million followers on her …

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Why do people love cats?

Loving a cat

The bottom line is that people love cats because they need to express their love towards a significant other and the cat is a great partner in that respect. Everyone needs to love and be loved. Each person will have their own version of the answer to the question in the title. There won’t …

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A good man, cat lover and animal advocate slashed, beaten and murdered allegedly by a female escort

Philadelphia, USA: Al Chernoff, 59, loved cats. He cared more about animals than himself, we are told. He would never let them go without food and he would starve himself in order to feed his cats. He loved all animals and people and was a good man. He built shelters for feral and stray …

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