“Animals choose the day they pass” – pet psychic

A pet psychic, Nikki Vasconez, claims that pets choose the day that they pass, ‘the exact time, the exact way’. In the video below she claims a cat, Smokey, delayed his death to be present for his owner’s 15th wedding anniversary. It is a very bold statement. She says that her psychic communications with pets provide the proof. Of course, it all depends on whether you believe psychic communication is possible. Her claims are entirely dependent on them. This begs the question whether it is scientifically possible to have psychic conversations of any kind between people and between people and pets although science does not provide the answer to everything. If you believe her statement then you believe that pets can do something that humans can’t do (unless they commit suicide) which is predict the exact time and date of their death. I’m not sure that this is a reasonable idea.

Cynics, however, should be respectful an open-minded about psychic communication. One organisation, LifeLeap Institute, claims that many top American institutions, such as Princeton support the claims of psychic communicators through research. They do have many research papers on the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research webpage. A quick skim of one of those papers does not produce conclusive evidence. Here is a video from Princeton.

Animals choose the day they pass - Nikki Vasconez
Animals choose the day they pass – Nikki Vasconez. Screenshot.

So, you have to believe that a person can have a psychic conversation with a pet if you want to believe that pets can decide the day they pass. What she has said is bound to catch the eye because the passing of a cat or dog companion is very painful for the human caregiver. What she says helps to deal with the challenges faced by people at those difficult times and she knows it. She is providing a professional counselling service it seems to me. The passing of a beloved cat or dog companion is one the most painful moments that people have to suffer.

I tend to be cynical about these claims but a lot of people are not and they believe her. I totally respect their points of view. For example, on her Instagram page, from which this video is embedded, there are lots of comments which support what Nikki Vasconez says. For example:

“Oh man. This reminds me of when our kitty died a few years ago, my brother got down to her level and told her it was ok to go and she literally screamed like ive never heard before and took her last breathe!! 💔 Miss her so much. 😢” – Kira Lou

And here is another comment:

“They really do… My girl had been running around, never showed any signs of sickness.. Then one day, she couldn’t walk… Took her to the vet, and they said they’ll run some scans and for me to wait at home (in the middle of Covid). I hugged her, and she rested her head on my shoulder.. She walked to the pen and laid down. I thought I’d see her again… I got a call a few hours later saying the scans showed mass tumors throughout her kidneys and I needed to make the decision to do surgery, or let her pass…. I sat on the staircase and cried. I didn’t know what to do.. she was my baby and I was about to start searching for Vet loans when the phone rang again. The vet said she’d passed… She was laying there, wagging her tail and he turned around, looked back and shed gone… He said that he sees it a lot, that the pet will often choose to go while their owners aren’t there to save them having to see it. But all I think of is the fact I wasn’t there 😔”

In both comments the pet’s owner is interpreting the behaviour of their pet. It’s not factual and it is not scientific. That does not mean that they are incorrect. They might be but we should not call this information fact. It is about belief and faith.

Former lawyer is now highly successful pet psychic who talks to animals

However, despite my scientific bent, I am sensitive to the fact that humans are gradually learning that there is a lot more to animals than we previously thought. Every day science uncovers and reveals new and sometimes astonishing information about the intelligence, emotions and sentience of our animal companions and indeed wild animals.

Animal Psychic and Communicator

These findings should encourage humankind to respect animals more and thereby improve animal welfare. Although there is a long way to go. One beneficial spin-off from Nikki Vasconez’s claims based upon her psychic powers is that it might improve the human-to-animal relationship.

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Former lawyer is now highly successful pet psychic who talks to animals

Nikki Vasconez, 33, used to be a lawyer earning a good salary but she was miserable. She was working hard but simply didn’t enjoy life. She was too frightened, as many people are, to get out and do something else. She began researching how to communicate with animals in September 2020 and discovered a passion and a talent. She worked part-time as a property lawyer and then eventually quit her job to become a full-time animal communicator a year later. There are two interesting aspects of the story for me.

Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication
Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication

Social media

She used social media including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to dramatically grow her business. She used to solicit commissions from clients but because of the growth of in her business via her TikTok account she no longer has need to do this because her clients come to her. In fact, she is inundated with requests, usually by women, to talk to their companion animals.

But she’s a psychic and therefore she does not talk to them in the conventional sense of using body language and vocalisations but by using what appears to be an innate skill that she has. She does not request details about the animal because it prevents her ‘human brain from interfering with the messages’ that she receives. She looks at a photograph of the animal. She must see the animal’s eyes she says. She’s told the animal’s name, gender and the name of the people who are the caregivers. That appears to be about it.

She charges $350 for a one-hour session, which is not cheap. She says that she can “sense their personality” and “when I’m communicating with the animals, sometimes I see images flash across my eyes or I’ll hear particular phrases”.

She picks up these messages from the animals and relays them to their owners. Sometimes they are shocked at their accuracy. For instance, on one occasion she was speaking with a dog, Peter. The dog told her about a door in the kitchen which kept sticking and which drove his female owner mad. Her husband was shocked when she told them what Peter had said because it was completely accurate.

Pet owners want to communicate with their pets

So, the first interesting aspect of the story is that she communicates through psychic means rather than conventional means. The second interesting aspect of the story is that there is very clearly a deep need by many pet owners to communicate with their companion animals. And, as mentioned, 98% of these owners are women.

The lack of a common language to allow animals to communicate with humans is a great barrier between cat and dog caregivers (and other animals) and their companions. It is, however, a barrier that can be almost completely surmounted when a close bond exists between human and companion animal. This is because almost instinctively both parties understand the other through routines, rhythms, body language, vocalisations and the circumstances of the interaction. This is conventional human-to-animal communication and it works just as well.

It seems, however, that many people don’t have a sufficiently close bond with their pet to be able to communicate along these lines. And this is where a cat behaviourist such as Jackson Galaxy can help. They bridge that barrier between companion animal and owner and help the owner to understand their companion animal far better which in turn helps them to provide for them more efficiently and successfully.

Understanding what a companion animal is saying in the conventional sense relies upon an in-depth understanding of that species of animal and on human nature. It also relies upon understanding the mistakes that people make when providing care for a pet.

What’s remarkable about Nikki Vasconez, in employing psychic communication at a distance from a photograph, is that she appears to be accurate a lot of the time. In another example, a dog owner couldn’t understand why their dog was lying on their bed unable to do anything. She couldn’t work out what was wrong with her dog and neither could her veterinarian because they ruled out teeth issues as the x-ray showed no signs of a problem.

Nikki Vasconez “just kept getting this pain in my mouth while speaking with him so I believed he was telling me he had pain in his lower jaw. It turned out the x-ray revealed he had an abscess and needed a tooth pulled out!”

Anybody who wants going to business with pets might learn something from her story. The amount of money she charges per hour and the number of clients who come to her indicates to me that she earns a very good income indeed, far more than she earned as a lawyer.

Of course, there has to be some downsides. It can’t all be that rosy. Online on social media she does get criticism from sceptics who don’t believe in what she does. I can understand that completely. I am sceptical myself but I hope that I’m open-minded enough to let what she does speak for itself. If she is successful and she pleases her clients then that is good enough for me. And if it helps benefit the welfare of animals, so much the better.

But there will be a lot of people who simply do not believe in this kind of psychic communication. In fact, I would say that only a minority of people believe in it. But clearly a sufficient number do, judging by the number of clients who approach her. Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication.

Below are some more articles on communicating with companion animals. The story comes from The Sun newspaper online for which I thank them.

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What is an animal communicator?

This article is about a person who is able to communicate the thoughts of an animal, such as a cat companion, to their owner. Animal communicators claim that they are able to get into the heads of companion animals and understand their thoughts and desires and are therefore able to communicate those thoughts to the cat’s owner. They claim they can do this because they are particularly sensitive and have great intuition and clairvoyance. In fact, I think you’ll find that psychics sometimes become animal communicators or do that kind of work in addition to employing their skills to contact people who have passed over.

Beth Lee-Crowther Animal Communicator
Beth Lee-Crowther Animal Communicator. Photo: screenshot from the television programme.

Let me be clear right away that I do not believe in the spirit world and I believe that when people die they genuinely die and no longer exist, except of course their memory lives on. Although there are many people who believe that when people die they enter a spirit world which allows psychics to contact them and relay back communications from the deceased to their living relatives.

So, to recap, psychics involved in séances and such other psychic events are sometimes animal communicators. One such person in the UK is Beth Lee-Crowther. She claimed, “I can tell you what your pet is thinking”. She recently appeared on British television on This Morning, a breakfast TV programme featuring the presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Bluebell. Holly Willoughby’s cat. Photo: screenshot from the TV programme.

Holly Willoughby’s cat, Bluebell (who appears to be a Ragdoll and is certainly purebred) was apparently having some sort of “affair” with a cat outside the home. A strange cat was coming into her garden. Willoughby thought that her cat was distressed by the sight of the strange cat. This wasn’t the case because he or she sits on the windowsill outside the window while her cat sits on the windowsill inside the window. They wanted to meet each other. Beth Lee-Crowther said that her cat wants to meet up with this strange cat and wants to go outside to meet him or her. She said:

Absolutely, Holly. I do believe Bluebell wants to be with that cat. I feel that Bluebell is a very beautiful looking cat but very feisty as well – she really wants to be out doing things.

Beth also believes that something significant will happen, and it may be life changing, on November 24 and 25th. And Beth said that Bluebell wanted to make sure that Holly Willoughby knew that. Willoughby wrote that down! She said that she doesn’t want to forget that date.

Not everyone of course is convinced and a lot of viewers thought that it was a load of bollocks! Comment: Like me, you could take a far more practical viewpoint about this. Beth Lee-Crowther may simply be a smart woman who is able to observe an animal and in watching their behaviour and the behaviour of other animals or people around that animal are then able to decide what the animal is thinking. This is simply about being observant and understanding companion animals. It is what a good cat guardian does all the time. Am I being cynical or a realist?

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Pet psychic finds the lady’s cat. Pet detective with cat detection dog fails

I have just written about a cat detection dog in the UK called Molly. She is very successful. She is well-trained. This is an alternative solution. It is an interesting solution and one that I find less believable but nonetheless it worked.

A lady in America, Samerah Begzad, loves her indoor cat Simba. He had been with the family for 13 years without a hitch but he went missing on March 10 of this year. Samerah believes that he escaped from their balcony and was attracted by two cats below who were meowing to him. It shows how a cat who has been with the family for a long time can suddenly and inexplicably go walkabout and disappear. Samerah and her family were devastated. She was sad and she had to do something about it.

Although she searched tirelessly she failed to find him. After three weeks she looked up a pet detective who had a dog trained to detect the scent of a cat just like Molly in the UK. She paid the lady $400. Her name is Jackie. Samerah did not have much optimism about the chances of success with Jackie. She felt bad vibes as soon as she met her. Her vibes proved to be accurate. She was more a con woman than a genuine pet detective.

Jackie took Samerah all around Union City with her dog. She took her quite far afield which surprised Samerah because, as she correctly assessed, her cat was likely to be nearby. At the end of the day, after four hours work, she failed to find her cat. As Samerah was desperate she asked her to keep trying but she wanted to charge her another $400 for a further four hours work. As Samerah was a student at the time she was unable to pay.

Samerah mentions, by the way, that there are three pet detectives in Southern California with trained dogs. It is interesting that there’s only one trained cat or pet search dog in the UK but they appear to be much more common in the USA.

After her failed search with the pet detective and her dog, Samerah was exhausted and emotionally drained. She decided to hire a pet psychic. Her name is Hilary Renaissance; quite a fancy name if I may say so. She found her on Google. She charged $100 over the phone and gave Samerah clues as to where her missing cat might be.

The psychic said that she communicated with Simba. She let Samerah know where he might be found and what “kind of person’s backyard he was in, and why he was scared to come home”.

Samerah diligently followed the pet psychic’s clues going from townhouse to townhouse across the street as advised. On April 14, 2017 she found her beloved cat in a place where the pet psychic had said he might be. She says that everything the pet psychic said was true. It blew her mind. There was probably a lot of common sense in what she said.

Simba was sitting between the fences of a backyard; he was scared, lost and meowing. She jumped inside and in between the fences to retrieve him and once she did so he started to purr. Samerah had him checked over at the local pet hospital. He was okay, just malnourished. He is now safely at home.

On this occasion a cat detection dog failed and a cat detection psychic succeeded (without visiting the place). This is surprising to me but it happened.

Source: The Pioneer Online.

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Animal Psychic and Communicator

Psychic pet reading
Psychic pet reading. Original Photo: Erik Fitzpatrick

An animal psychic hears what cat’s are saying inside her head. Do you believe in animal psychics? They are sometimes called animal whisperers but that phrase is used to mean a lot of things.

There are lots of animal psychics and all of then seem to focus on an ability to communicate with animals in mysterious ways beyond our comprehension and beyond the logic of science or is it telepathy?

I don’t believe in animal psychics. I do believe that people can understand what their cat is asking even when the cat is silent. This skill comes from a close and long relationship and an empathy with the cat which provides a flow of non-verbal communication via subtle signs.

One animal psychic in America is Cynthia Harner. She doesn’t know how she is able to hear what cats are saying in her head but she has been able to do it since she was five years-of-age. As I see it, what she is saying is that she can communicate telepathically with animals. Telepathy is yet to be conclusively proved to exist scientifically. However, there was a recent high profile international “test” reported in the Smithsonian which proved positive.

At a “pet reading” (at a shelter) she said that a brown tabby cat had asked her, “where was the orange cat?”. No sounds were made by the cat. Cynthia just heard the voice in her head. The staff member of the Humane Society of Lebanon County’s newly refurbished shelter was surprised because an orange cat had been in the same enclosure of the shelter as the tabby cat but had been taken away for veterinary treatment for an eye infection.

Cynthia’s ability to mind-read animals seems plausible. However, what also seems plausible to me is that orange cats are pretty commonplace and so are tabbies. There was a good chance that a tabby and an orange cat would be in the shelter at the same time and that they would have been split up for a range of reasons. Cynthia had no knowledge of the cats in the shelter we are told but can we believe it? It only takes a person who knows Cynthia to go into the shelter beforehand to relay the information back. I am not sure a shelter staffer can check that.

The shelter’s communications coordinator, Kacy Hopkins participated. Cynthia kept hearing in her head a request from Kacy’s cat, Aries, about the whereabouts of a black and white cat. Aries wanted to know where this mysterious black and white cat was.

Kacy couldn’t remember a black and white cat. But after a while it dawned on her mother that she had a black and white cat when she was growing up living in Kacy’s grandmother’s home. This must have been a while ago by the sound of it. Cynthia asked if the cat had white paws because she kept on seeing white paws. The response was, yes, the cat did indeed have white paws.

Once again I have to be cynical and realistic. Black and white cats are very common and it is also very common for them to have white paws. There was a good chance that Cynthia would receive a positive result if she mentioned hearing about a black and white cat.

If there was no black and white cat Cynthia could fudge it by saying something like it must have been a cat outside he had bumped into or something like that.

Cynthia also “heard” from Aries that Kacy sung to him. Kacy confirmed that she does indeed sing to Aries. Granted that this is a bit strange but once again, a lot of people sing to their cat and I’ll bet that Cynthia knew that Kacy likes to sing or guessed that she had a singing voice. You can tell by the way a person speaks if they can sing.

Animal psychics are like spiritualist mediums. They are clever people who play a game of poker based on chance but the chances are high. In addition they may often have insider information.

Do you believe in animal psychics or just good old fashioned empathy built on a very close and loving relationship?

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