Pakistani lady feeding feral cats is hated by the educated and praised by the uneducated

Karachi cat lady

‘It’s mostly the uneducated that praise me but all the educated people hate me.’ – says Karachi’s cat woman who has been feeding homeless, hungry kittens and cats, daily, for 17 years. On the one occasion she was too ill to feed them she made arrangements for someone else to do it. She says …

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Pakistan: I am sensitive about feral cats but others are not

Many cat owners are sensitive people but every cat owner is not a sensitive person. I have observed that there are so many cat owners in the world who only need a cat because they have no cat at home. And I am typically talking about this issue in my essays regarding Pakistan’s cat …

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DIY cat enclosure under construction Islamabad, Pakistan!

Good day Michael. Here is the video of LAILA’s cage. The work is still in progress. I am making the cage with the art of DANMARK handicraft style, which is making the furniture in parts instead of in single pieces. The cage will surely go up to 8 feet high, with every necessity which …

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Joyous video of cats playing Islamabad, Pakistan

Here is a video made by Ahsan of his cats 50/50 and Laila playing on what appears to be the roof terrace of his home. I have been to Pakistan and India so I can almost smell and sense the place. There is a distinctly different sensory experience in Pakistan or India compared to …

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The Census – Stories of Pakistani Feral Cats and Kittens

By Ahsan ul Haq (Pakistan) — Caretaker of a Colony of Feral Cats Cruelty is IGNORANCE (Ahsan ul Haq) Pakistan came into being on the 14th of August 1947. We have seen 67 summers of the country. It has been 67 long years when our country was shown on the map of the world. …

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Black Beauty: Story of a Pakistani Feral Cat

Introduction by Michael: This a story by Ahsan in Pakistan. Ahsan is a feral cat caretaker who has, through first hand experience, acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in the caring of feral cats in Pakistan. Feral cats are more or less the same the world over and face similar difficulties in surviving. …

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