Rescue and domestic cats need their personal space (peripersonal space) like humans

Rescue cats enjoy their personal space at Ernesto's Sanctuary in Syria

Rescue cats and domestic cats and indeed feral cats in colonies, all need their personal space just like humans. These photographs clearly illustrate this aspect of their character. When food arrives, they prioritise getting the food over the need for personal space and come together. Immediately I saw these photographs of rescue cats at …

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Be aware of fly-by-night animal sanctuaries in the UK

Fly-by-night animal sanctuaries are a problem in the UK

This is about another UK scam/fraud/con in the UK. My God, there are so many of them I’ve almost lost track. The citizens of the UK are surrounded by fraudsters and thieves. And, sadly, the police seem to be impotent, so we are alone. This one concerns what The Times refers to as “fly-by-night …

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Extraordinary picture of Johnny Depp cradling a young orphaned badger

Johnny Depp at Folly Wildlife Rescue holding a young badger raised at the rescue

Johnny Depp visited Folly Wildlife Rescue, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, yesterday. While he was there, he was allowed to enjoy the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie (named after Freddie Mercury) one of the many orphaned badger cubs that the charity is hand rearing. Johnny Depp, they say, was bowled over by the whole …

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Cats and dogs are calmer at shelters when they are selected online because of the coronavirus pandemic

Assisi kitten

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): Because of Covid-19, one animal shelter in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Assisi Animal Sanctuary, is using the Internet as a means to present their animals to potential adopters in order to comply with social distancing, to minimise the spread of the virus. In doing this they then allow an applicant to …

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Big-hearted teenager opens animal shelter

Eduardo and cat

Anápolis, Brazil: Remember the name Eduardo Caioado as I think he’ll become famous one day. He has a huge heart. His life is speeded up compared to most people. He is 17-years-of-age and has recently achieved his dream of opening an animal shelter which he calls the EduPaçoca Institute. It is actually a sanctuary …

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She can’t hear or speak. She cleans the streets of Chennai, India. She feeds and talks to the stray cats and dogs.


This is the kind of woman for whom I have so much admiration. Her name is Rita akka (elder sister). She is inspirational despite being unable to hear or speak and despite having the hardest and the lowliest of jobs. And despite being alone because her husband has died and her daughter, 17, has …

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