Photo edited picture of fat rescue cat Mitzi does not help her cause

There is a story going around on the Internet about a charming but apparently grossly overweight rescue cat whose name is Mitzi. Many news media websites present a photograph of Mitzi as grossly overweight which is a reason why, they hint, that she has been returned to an animal rescue centre, Woodside Animal Welfare …

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Abandoning cats at animal shelter surreptitiously (video)

Abandoning cats at shelter surreptitiously

I think this video is interesting partly because it’s quite unusual. It’s unusual to see the actual act of abandonment of cats in this case at an animal shelter because the intention of the culprits is to avoid being seen! You can see how surreptitiously this couple act. The woman quickly runs away from …

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Bizarre: animal shelter fed cats once a day to reduce amount of poop

Cages were too small and lacked enrichment

A contributory factor in the firing of the director of the Montgomery Animal Resource Center, Mark Kumpf, was feeding the cats once daily to “limit the amount of faeces’ that they produced. Extraordinary. It became clear that the center ‘needed new leadership and direction’. The Commissioners were ‘dismayed at the report’. Bob Gruhl was …

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‘Mother Earth’ female cat rescuer has saved the lives of thousands of cats

Debbie Heller

I have described Debbie Heller as a Mother Earth figure because what she does is so positive and bountiful it its generosity. I guess she is just an ‘ordinary’ woman but she is also special and by no means unique. I am sure that there are very many ladies like her doing their bit …

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Shelter manager sacked for job abandonment after escalating dispute with board of directors

Hi Tor staff gather at the shelter

Shelter manager Michael Sanducci was sacked by the board of directors of Hi Tor Animal Shelter (Rockland County, USA) because they say he abandoned his job. Sanducci was in dispute with the president of the shelter’s board of directors, Debbie DiBernardo. The board say he abandoned his job and county officials also say that …

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