New kitten excites dog into making weird sounds

Kylie tries to calm down her pitbull as he sees a new kitten for the first time

This is a cute Instagram, TikTok video doing the rounds on social media. An overly excited pitbull got to meet a new kitten and in the video you can see Kylie Alexis doing her best to calm him down (@kyliealexis16). The interesting aspect of the video is the strange sounds that the dog makes. …

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Presence of mother during socialisation of kittens can be a positive or negative influence

Sweet kitten

This is a quick note and no more because there is not a lot of information about this due to a dearth of studies. However, the presence of a mother cat during the socialisation of her kittens can have a negative or positive effect upon the socialisation process. There is evidence to suggest that …

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The sensitive periods for domestic cats to become socialised to other cats

Abyssinian Kittens Playing

All the discussions we have about domestic cat socialisation concerns socialisation to humans. Little is known about the important time for kitten-to-kitten socialisation. I try and address the topic generally here. During the first two weeks kittens form an attachment to their mother. It is based on smell (olfaction). During the first four weeks …

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Animal Action Should Not Distract Us From Self-Analysis

The recent extensively reported incident, which was captured on video, of the tabby cat, Tara, who with great courage and passion saved a toddler, Jeremy, from a savage attack by a dog should not distract attention from some critical self-analysis. For me, the cat’s behaviour was that of a mother protecting her vulnerable kitten …

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