How long can a domestic cat go without food?

Domestic cat not eating

The question is meant to help cat owners who are aware that their cat has stopped eating for an unknown reason and the question enters their mind as to how long their cat can stop feeding until further problems arise. It would be an unlikely scenario, however. And, it is difficult to find an …

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Main cause of domestic cat death at Brazilian animal Hospital was digestive system diseases

This post is over 2 pages…An interesting study published in 2018, which has come to my noticed today, states that the main cause of death of domestic cats taken to a veterinary hospital in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was digestive system diseases (13.71%) and within this category the most common illness was …

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PETA has a heart and senior lady cries with joy at her cat’s recovery


Sometimes PETA gives us the impression that they are too tough and uncompromising on animal rights – e.g. their attitude towards feral cats. They almost present to the world a profile of being a tough, business orientated organisation. Perhaps you have to be like that because you have to fight fire with fire. However, …

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Tube-Feeding Cats: A Humane Life-Saving Resource

When a cat consistently refuses food; the old adage, “A cat’s gotta eat” is the rule we must follow. According to one of the leading experts in feline nutrition and health care, Dr. Lisa Pierson, “Cats should not go more than 24 hours without eating”. Pierson says: “If your cat has stopped eating, it …

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