Infographic on US state of Virginia poised to ban cat declawing (the third state)

Virginia poised to ban declawing Nov 19, 2022

To anyone who cares anything about animal welfare this is great news. Great credit must be given to the politician who is introducing the proposed legislation (see infographic). The declawing of cats, for non-therapeutic reasons, in America and to a lesser extent in Canada is one of the world’s greatest examples of violence against …

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California Plans to Ban Declawing

California plans to ban declawing

California is planning to ban cat declawing. Eight cities within the state banned declawing some time ago. If California passes this bill it will become the first state to ban declawing and it will be a monumental moment in the fight against this unnecessary and cruel practice.

New Jersey State Assembly vote 43-10 to criminalise declawing

I feel that America is chipping away at declawing. It is happening bit by bit. It is a slow process. It’s bound to be slow because it took years for this objectionable operation to become part of the culture of America. But it fits in very uncomfortably in American society as a very substantial …

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Bill banning cat declawing in New York state making progress

The bill would make New York the first state in the nation to ban cat declawing. This is a brief update. I feel obliged to update because this is such an important bill for cat advocates and anti-declaw fighters. The bill was introduced by Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal in January. Let’s remind ourselves that …

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