Is it true that cats hate water?

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

Domestic cats don’t universally hate water and some wild cats like water. It depends on whether they are wild or domestic, the individual cat, whether they are a wild cat hybrid or not, and possibly what breed of cat we are discussing. The idea that domestic cats hate water has been promulgated in a …

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Fishing Cat May Be on the Verge of Extinction in Indonesia

National Geographic tell us that extensive camera trap surveys in key fishing cat habitats have failed to produce one positive sighting of this medium-sized, water-loving wild cat species. They therefore believe that the fishing cat has been extirpated in Indonesia. This follows, they say, the extinction of the Bali Tiger in the 1930s and …

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Fishing Cat Description

The fishing cat was considered by early taxonomists to look like the Indian civet, a cat-like creature. For this reason the scientists named this cat, Prionailurus viverrinus, after the viverrid family of which the civet is a part. The fishing cat belongs to a group that all have similar markings particularly on and around …

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