The Reason Why the Chinese Failed in Domesticating the Wild Cat

Research indicates that about 5,500 years ago the leopard cat was domesticated in China. Approximately 4,500 years before that, in the Middle East, the North African wildcat was domesticated. The domestication of the North African wildcat led to the domestic … please continue reading

Bengal Cat of 1889

There is a reference to a wild cat hybrid in Harrison Weir’s excellent book of 1889, Our Cats and all about them (note: the title is written exactly as per the original). I am told the book is copyright protected … please continue reading

Wild Cat Hybrid Kittens Picture

This is one of Helmi Flick’s cat group specials. They are her trademark, almost. Their success is dependent on Ken Flick getting the cats into position and Helmi timing the moment when she fires the camera shutter. These are fleeting … please continue reading