Adorable synchronised walk from cats with ataxia

Pablo and Bones suffer from ataxia due to cerebellar hypoplasia

These cats are adorable and they are best mates and great cat companions. They both have to deal with the challenge of ataxia – poor coordination due to cerebellar hypoplasia. The condition is stable and does not deteriorate. It is a congenital condition. The brain’s cerebellum – the coordination centre of the brain – …

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Catastrophe: Florida panther species stricken with ataxia. Deliberate poisoning?

Ataxia in Florida Panthers

UPDATE: 10-4-21 – It looks like this is an epidemic of feline leukomyelopathy (FLM) which also affects bobcats. They think it might be a neurotoxin or a virus. They are working on it. It it is very serious and it may severely impact the Florida panther population. It is affecting many cubs. If they …

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Vestibular Disease Causing Ataxia in Cats: MISDIAGNOSED BY VETS

I believe this syndrome (vestibular disease) is so poorly diagnosed that I really feel the need to educate. I am amazed at how many vets don’t know and misdiagnose this. My first experience with this was with my very old dog. It emulates a stroke and so many people put their pets down because …

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What is ataxia in cats?

Gordon a kitten has ataxia

Ataxia refers to a lack of coordination. It comes from the Greek language meaning “lack of order”. It is used in reference to all animals and people. A cat with ataxia will suffer from an inability to coordinate voluntarily muscle movements. Ataxia is a symptom of some central nervous system disorders or injuries. It …

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