Ragdoll cat the most popular breed in Australia because they are good indoor cats

The Ragdoll cat would appear to be the most popular cat breed in Australia because they are more suited to the full-time indoor life which is what the Australian government wants.

The world knows that Australia has a domestic cat problem! That problem is that some of them become feral cats and the feral cat is the archenemy of the Australian state because they kill native species. There is a big push in Australia to keep cats indoors full-time to protect the said native species. …

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Review study by Australians is intended to denigrate the domestic cat

Toxoplasma gondii cyst in mouse brain.

This is my opinion. I form my opinion from many years of reading these reports. I have noticed a trend: Australian scientists looking for ways to criticise the domestic cat for carrying the zoonotic disease toxoplasmosis. From time to time, Australian scientists like to get together to hatch a plan to denigrate the domestic …

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Queensland are killing feral cats as fast as they can but are plagued by rats

Australia's feral cats might be able to suppress the rat plagues in Australia

I’m told that the feral cats of Australia are larger than the usual European variety (see link below) because they have plenty of food and good conditions under which to flourish. Australia’s feral cats are consistently blamed for killing native species including small mammals and marsupials. The small mammals that the feral cat kills …

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Proactivity is the way to deal with feral cats in Australia

Take proactive steps to deal with Australia's feral cats

Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, recently declared war on feral cats. I thought that Australia had been at war with feral cats for a very long time so this statement came as a surprise to me. They’ve been killing feral cats (and the occasional pet cat or dog) in Australia for many years as …

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) acts humanely towards feral cats while the other jurisdictions do not

ACT Government logo

As an introduction I would like to say this: the volunteers who manage feral cat colonies under TNR programs are very decent, kind people. They do their work without charge, freely and with a love of the cats. One TNR volunteers sums it up, “The amount of suffering is the reason that we do …

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Australians are ‘nativists’ who want to destroy feral cats and restrict cat ownership

Nativism and speciesism is behind the mass killing of Australia's feral cats

I had never heard of the word ‘nativist’ until Nathan Winograd used it. It is good one when used to describe the Aussie attitude to feral and stray cats. Nativists believe in nativism which means, “the political policy of promoting or protecting the interests of ‘native-born’ or established inhabitants over those of immigrants, including …

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Tasmania’s feral cats are attracted to a feather boa

Tasmania's feral cats are attracted to a feather boa in a study conducted by Alexandra Paton. The photograph is by her using a camera trap.

A study found that feather boas are effective in luring feral cats. The person who carried out the study, Alexandra Paton, a PhD student at Tasmania’s School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania, doesn’t tell us in so many words exactly why she is so excited about feral cats being lured by …

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Impressive protest for justice outside Australian court for tortured cat Brandy and tougher punishments for animal abusers

Great team at Vigil For Brandy The Cat today! "We had Channel 7 and Daily Mail Australia coverage." - organiser

NEWS AND OPINION: The video explains the alleged crime. It is a good video as it covers all the points. Briefly it is about two boys who allegedly abducted a 17-year-old ginger tabby cat outside the cat’s home with, apparently, the intention of killing her with a baseball bat. A level of wickedness which …

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