Confused and potentially criminal attempt by Australian local authority to protect wildlife from cat predation

Australian council misguided in trying to protect wildlife from cats

The war against domestic and feral cats in Australia continues unabated. It looks like a war to me and in line with that analogy, the latest policy of a north-west Sydney council, Hornsby Shire, was cruel because it would have led to pointless and possibly illegal cat killing. On my understanding, Hornsby Shire local …

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PYTHON KILLS CAT!!! shouts snake catcher resulting in cat hating fest and Facebook arguments

Python kills domestic cat in Australia

Luke Huntley is a snake catcher living in Noosa, Eastern Australia. He has a Facebook page. On January 16 he made a post which you can see below. Essentially, he is telling Australians that they should keep their cats inside in order to protect them from a range of hazards including being swallowed by …

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Effect of Cat Registration Tested in Australia

The registration of domestic cats with the local authority is quite widely discussed as a way of reducing the number of stray and therefore, ultimately, feral cats. In short, cat registration is a way of improving the standard of cat ownership. However, many see it as too intrusive on a person’s freedoms. It is a …

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By Sarah Hartwell The Susuki was a short-lived breed created in Australia in 1957 and developed for about a decade as an “experimental breed”. At that time, the genetics of blue eyes was not properly understood. This article appeared in “The Age,” Monday March 13, 1961 (a newspaper from Melbourne, Australia): “Mr Douglas Greening, …

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Australian Feral Cat Evolving Into A True Wildcat?

Giant Australian Feral Cat

The process of the unraveling of the domestication of the cat seems to be taking place in parts of Australia. Stray cats are becoming feral and the feral cats are becoming bigger and smarter. They are looking and behaving like their wildcat ancestor. They may even be a better predator than the wildcat. They …

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