Cat vomits after meeting new baby for first time. Why?

Domestic cat vomits after meeting newborn baby for the first time

This is a slightly strange video. The cat’s behaviour certainly bemuses the male half of the couple who own the cat. He can’t believe it. It is believable. But why? My instinctive response without trying to research an answer is that it must be one of two reasons or both together: Smell (olfactory) – …

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Cat locked out of bedroom defecates and pees on the living room sofa and is called an ‘asshole’

Cats and babies in harmony together

Here is a very typical “bad cat behaviour problem”. And, in reality, it is not a bad cat behaviour problem at all but a human-created problem. Husband and wife have a baby and the baby sleeps in the bedroom with them. All very normal. For years the family cat slept in the bedroom with …

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Cat peeing because of new dog, new cat, or new baby

Home treatment for cat cystitis

There are two clear, major possible reasons why a domestic cat might be peeing because there is either a new baby, new dog, new cat or anything else that is new in the home and the reasons are (1) idiopathic cystitis and (2) spraying to mark territory. Idiopathic cystitis Idiopathic cystitis is exacerbated by …

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