Veterinarians need a test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections

Veterinarians are using antibiotics in a precautionary manner when treating cats because they don’t have a quick test that can determine if antibiotics are really necessary. In short, there is a need with respect to both animals and humans to … please continue reading

Memorable appearance of a blind cat in Oman

Extraordinary photo of Oman blind cat: Moet

Moet is a blind cat living in Oman. She is all-white and became blind in both eyes through neglect. We are not told what happened but the blindness is almost certainly due to an untreated secondary bacterial infection after a … please continue reading

Picture of the worst cat eye infection that you will see

Picture of worst cat eye infection that you will see

GRAPHIC IMAGE: This is the worst looking cat eye infection that you will see in my view. I was reluctant to publish it. However, it is so common to see stray cats with ghastly bacterial eye infections rendering the poor … please continue reading