Comparing domestic cat viral and bacterial infections using tables

Comparing viral and bacterial disease affecting domestic cats

Let’s compare viral and bacterial diseases affecting domestic cats. Here’s a concise table highlighting the key differences. The sources are many veterinary websites and other authoritative websites (see base of page). Sorry but you’ll have to turn your smartphones horizontally to see the 2nd and 3rd tables width-wise. This is a coding issue and …

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Arguing why it is okay to allow your cat on the kitchen countertop

Cat interacting with their owner while on a kitchen countertop. I discuss the pros and cons and come out for the pros!

What are the reasons why it is not okay or okay to allow your cat onto the countertop? I have presented two arguments. In the first we see the reasons why it is not okay to allow a domestic cat on the kitchen countertop. In the second there are the reasons why it is …

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“Oregon is rocked by first human case of bubonic plague in nearly a decade after being infected by their pet cat”

Bubonic plague case in Oregon 2024

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Mail Online has a sensationalist headline as per my headline in which they add that “officials rushed to contain virus”. Rare and normally hard to spread It sounds as if Oregan is about to be swamped by a bubonic plague epidemic but it’s not. Bubonic plague is very rare in …

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Allegedly private clinics cash in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses

Private clinics are cashing in on insurance money with false Lyme disease diagnoses allegedly

There’s an interesting letter in The Times today (29-08-23) from a doctor, Dr. Matthew Dryden. He says that, in the USA, private clinics take advantage of “vulnerable patients” by allegedly deliberately wrongly diagnosing Lyme disease. This allows them to prescribe a long course of expensive treatment all paid for by health insurance. The issue …

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Are GPS tracking collars on cheetahs in India causing infections and deaths?

Cheetahs relocated from Africa to India may be self-harming due to GPS collars irritating them

NEWS AND VIEWS – KUNO NATIONAL PARK, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA: There is speculation that the GPS tracking collars placed around the necks of the relocated cheetahs from South Africa to India are killing some of them because the cheetahs are irritated by the collars in damp conditions and are scratching their necks causing a …

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Is colloidal silver safe for cats?

Colloidal silver for pets?

If you ask Google to find answers to the question in the title it finds websites owned by commercial enterprises with an interest in selling colloidal silver. Not good, right? These sites recommend colloidal silver as a general cure-all treatment both internally and externally for cats. And dogs. The tone of the articles is …

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Mycoplasma in cats (Feline Hemotrophic Mycoplasmosis)

Feline Hemotrophic Mycoplasmosis

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Lilo day before death Froggie died at shelter Sugar died after Lilo I’d never heard of Mycoplasma in cats until a reader wrote in about this article and suggested mycoplasma as a cause of death (see: Help Sudden Kitten Death). So I decided to do a little research on the …

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Texas man partially lost his eyesight after his new cat frequently scratched him (it was cured)

Cat scratch fever infection

A study has found the mainstream news media. It is about cat scratch fever (disease) causing partial blindness in a Texas man, aged 47. It is published online in the American Journal of Case Reports. The study is called “Bartonella Neuroretinitis: There Is More to Cat Scratch Disease Than Meets the Eye”. The conclusion …

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