Infographic on underlying causes of bad breath (halitosis) in cats

Halitosis in cats possible problems

How do these 7 conditions cause bad breath? Here are the explanations. Kidney disease In one study, bad breath was noticed 1.2 years before recognition of chronic kidney disease by veterinarians. It would seem to be an early symptom which can be added to weight loss, decreased appetite and excessive drinking. It’s interesting to …

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Home treatment for bad breath in cats

Cat Yawn

People search for a home treatment for bad breath in cats. I don’t think that it is feasible to advise on a home treatment for bad breath in cats without a skilled diagnosis first and I would like to explain why. There are various reasons for bad breath in cats one of which (a …

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My cat’s breath smells bad

Feline bad breath

“My cat’s breath smells bad” is a common concern for cat owners. Bad breath is called “halitosis”. The problem shouldn’t be as common as it is because it is likely to be the consequence of a failure to observe a cat’s mouth without wishing to be overly critical. This may sound a bit odd …

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