Social media user asks “How do you discipline a cat without hitting him?”

A user on the website asks what I consider to be an inappropriate question about cat caregiving namely, “How do you discipline a cat without hitting them?” The woman (Julia) considered hitting her cat to discipline him. I responded by saying that her cat is very unhappy living in her small apartment and …

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Do you sometimes yell at your cat or dog?

Never shout or yell at your cat or dog

If you have sometimes yelled at your cat or dog I wouldn’t blame you. Perhaps you are very stressed. It is very easy to be stressed nowadays. The world is very stressful! There’s all kinds of things which stress people including, in the UK, scammers. The UK is drowning in scammers. Scammers on the …

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Decline of traditional UK family will harm domestic cat caregiving

Family unit is better for cat caregiving

Lone-parent families are more likely to experience financial difficulties particularly now during the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. But they will be less robust than the traditional family unit at any time in terms of coping with life’s vicissitudes. And it is now reported in The Times that nearly 50% of British children grow …

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Ginger tabby cat rests on human companion’s shoulders while he rides a motorbike at 30 miles an hour

Ginger tabby cat rides on his companion's shoulders while riding motorcycle at 30 mph

The caption for the video is that “a clingy cat sleeps on owner’s back while riding motorbike” but I swear to God that this cat is not sleeping but he’s clinging, he is definitely clinging! That said, it is absolutely clear that this ginger tabby cat is relaxed and confident notwithstanding the fact that …

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Is it cruel to keep a cat in a cage at night?

Kitten in cage

The response depends on: What you mean by cat? Do you mean adult cats? Or do you man kittens? The reason why you are considering caging your cat at night. Reason for caging a cat at night If you are thinking about caging a cat or kitten at night because they disturb you and …

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