Impose strict proactive rules to solve the feral cat problem

Proactively solving the feral cat problem worldwide through strict liability laws and tougher punishments

Over many years, the experts and the websites have discussed the so-called “feral cat problem”. This is the procreation of domestic cats that become unwanted and which procreate in the wild and create feral cats. The root cause of this problem is unsatisfactory cat ownership. Once you don’t neuter and spay cats and they …

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Vet administers a pill to a cat in way which might be instructional to cat caregivers

A Cypriot veterinarian administers a pill to a cat which may be instructional to some caregivers in the UK

There are two things about this picture which are of interest to me and they might be of interest to other people too. Firstly, this is a Cypriot veterinarian administering an antiviral pill to a cat in Cyprus. It was at the time when there was a lot of news media reporting on a …

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Social media user asks “How do you discipline a cat without hitting him?”

A user on the website asks what I consider to be an inappropriate question about cat caregiving namely, “How do you discipline a cat without hitting them?” The woman (Julia) considered hitting her cat to discipline him. I responded by saying that her cat is very unhappy living in her small apartment and …

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How do you define cat obesity and human obesity?

2022 - the world's most obese domestic cat

The definition for obesity if different for cats and people. Surprisingly for domestic cats ‘obesity’ is defined as ‘greater than 15% above an ideal weight’. Not much above an ideal weight which is why a lot of domestic cats fall into the obese category. Obesity is the ‘most prevalent nutritional problem in pets in …

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Common illnesses affecting UK domestic cats are almost completely preventable

Baloo with one of the technicians

The top 6 diseases affecting domestic cats in the UK are listed in the table below. FELINE DISEASE PERCENTAGE OF CATS SUFFERING Gum disease 15.23 Obesity 11.58 General dental disease 9.23 Overgrown nails 5.23 Flea infestation 5.07 Heart murmur 4.44 Table showing the top 6 domestic cat diseases in the UK from a “random …

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The do’s and don’ts of owning a cat

Do's and don'ts of owning a cat

If you live in America and would like a short four-point list of the do’s and don’ts of owning a cat, I’d suggest the following. Of course, the list could be huge but I’ve tried to whittle it down to four. Also, this is a personal choice. Everyone will have their own. Please share …

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14 suggestions about domestic cats not using the litter box

It's not inappropriate elimination because for me it is appropriate to avoid the litter tray.

Introduction: The problem of domestic cats not using the litter box is the source of millions of articles. It is euphemistically called “inappropriate elimination”. It is an inaccurate description because from the cat’s standpoint it is entirely appropriate because there’s a reason behind their behaviour and this article sets out 14 different possible reasons. …

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