10 mistakes that cat owners make

Respect your cat

This is not a lecture because like anybody else I’ve made all the mistakes in the world regarding cat caregiving. But I made them many years ago and through consistent application have eradicated them (correction: not quite 😎). As long as we strive to improve, people can’t be criticised because we all make mistakes; …

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Picture of an obese Sphynx cat looks like a plush toy

Sphynx cat looks like a plump plush toy

It is extraordinary, to me, that an owner of Sphynx cats can allow one of their cats to become morbidly obese and turn her cat into a celebrity and in doing so, vicariously, obtain some celebrity themselves. And it is doubly extraordinary that some of the comments are the Instagram page which promotes this …

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Feral cats: doing the right thing is much harder than the quick fix but it’s better

The battle of wills about how to deal with feral cats is the battle of morality over expediency. It is the battle of doing the right thing over the quick fix. It is the battle over long-term thinking versus short-term thinking. There is a battle going on in many parts of the world about …

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TikTok #catslapchallenge and other TikTok animal abuse videos

Woman slaps her cat for a video on TikTok

TikTok is gathering a reputation for animal abuse. The administrators of TikTok don’t consider slapping your cat a form of animal abuse. If you want to report animal abuse the videos will have to be very cruel and nasty. Anything less and they accept it. I’m referring to a report on The Sun newspaper’s …

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Anti-vaxxers endanger domestic cat companions and others

Blake Bargatze, 24, contracted Covid-19 at an indoor concert prior to receiving a vaccine

Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool FC manager, has been brave enough to make his feelings known about the anti-vax movement. He has compared people who refuse the Covid vaccination to drink-drivers. He blames them for transmitting the disease to others. And he is right. Anti-vaxxers ignore the experts and the biggest study on vaccination that …

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Veterinarians who declaw cats lie when they say the operation saves lives

Cat playing using claws

A study has found that there has been no increase in surrendered cats following British Columbia’s declawing ban. When veterinarians who declaw defend their behaviour in debates about banning declawing – usually at discussions before a proposed citywide ban or state ban – they invariably say that declawing saves the lives of cats because …

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Lack of self-discipline is the main cause of obesity in pets

Obese tabby cat

Twice as many dogs are overweight in America than 10 years ago and it’s worse for cats. Banfield Pet Hospital, a chain of hospitals in America, is well positioned to collect data to allow them to analyze trends in the health of America’s companion animals. They’ve come up with a startling conclusion which is …

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