British veterinarian allowed cats and dogs to starve in secret dungeon at his veterinary practice

Samuel a vet who abused cats and dogs

Gary Samuel and his assistant/lover Rochelle McEwan, together, allowed eight cats and 24 dogs to starve in a dark dungeon underneath their veterinary clinic. When the police entered the establishment Samuel was sitting on a bed with a laptop on … please continue reading

Upstate SC veterinarian charged with ill treatment of animals after Facebook video goes viral

According to WYFF4 News, a Pickens County veterinarian has been arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals after a Facebook video showing him striking a dog went viral. There is a lot of anger on Facebook because people rightly … please continue reading

Canadian Veterinarians Shame Their American Counterparts

Canadian Veterinarians Shame Their American Counterparts

Canadian veterinarians have shamed American veterinarians by issuing a firm statement through their association, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, that they oppose the declawing of cats. It is an unqualified statement unlike that made by the AVMA which leaves the … please continue reading

Veterinarian Butchered the Toes of a Polydactyl Cat

Veterinarian butchered the toes of polydactyl cat

The photographs show the results of a botched declaw operation on a polydactyl cat. They are horrific photographs and it makes me wonder how a veterinarian could do this bearing in mind his oath to never harm a cat but to promote the health of animals in his charge. please continue reading

Kristen Lindsey’s landlord, another veterinarian, quietly encouraged her to kill Tiger the cat

Kristen Lindsey and Tiger the cat she killed

At the time Dr Kristen Lindsey killed Tiger with a bow and arrow she was living in a property which was rented from another veterinarian, Dr Buenger. Buenger was her landlord. Tiger had been around the property quite a lot … please continue reading

Robert Neunzig DVM has declawed 2000 cats and he is proud of it

Robert Neunzig DVM

Dr Neunzig has written a blog in which he expresses his dismay at the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s (AAFP) harder stance against declawing. He wheels out the same old cliched arguments about greater abandonment of cats and more euthanasias … please continue reading