What cat breed is the most sociable?

Oriental Shorthair cat

Cats who are sociable towards humans and cats are friendly cats. A recent study of about 4,000 purebred cats living in Finland and carried out by scientists from the University of Helsinki, through questionnaires sent to the cats’ owners, concluded that the cats from the Far East were the friendliest. To be more specific …

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What is a long-haired Siamese cat called and why?

Balinese cat Kareem

The long-haired Siamese is called the Balinese by the major cat associations such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Word Cat Federation (WCF). You have to mention the cat associations as the names of cat breeds can rarely vary between associations. I believe that in Australia it …

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Balinese Cats

Balinese cat

By Marie Clements Marie Clements, is a Traditional Siamese, Balinese and Color Pt Lynx breeder. There are very few Color Pt Lynx breeders in United Stated found and around the world. She has already written about the Applehead Siamese. Her cattery is Siamese Royalty. The following is what she says. The photographs are hers. …

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Balinese Cat History

Balinese Cat History is the same as Siamese Cat History (new window) until the mid-1900s (if you click on the link you can switch between the two pages). After all the Balinese is a long haired Siamese cat. So, we can take it that there was a short haired and longer haired version (semi-long …

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