Québec bans cat declawing and three other non-therapeutic animal surgeries

Banned surgical procedures in Quebec are feline declawing, ear trimming, tail trimming and removal of vocal cords

NEWS AND VIEWS: By Québec banning cat declawing – a great step in promoting animal welfare – it leaves the province of Ontario, Canada, as the only jurisdiction where cat declawing is now legal in that country. RELATED: 63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023) Canada is miles ahead of America in terms …

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Veterinarians who declaw cats lie when they say the operation saves lives

Cat playing using claws

A study has found that there has been no increase in surrendered cats following British Columbia’s declawing ban. When veterinarians who declaw defend their behaviour in debates about banning declawing – usually at discussions before a proposed citywide ban or state ban – they invariably say that declawing saves the lives of cats because …

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Newfoundland and Labrador veterinarians will stop declawing cats on January 1, 2019

NL, Canada will stop declawing cats first thing next year

This is more good news from Canada with respect to domestic cat health and welfare. The Newfoundland and Labrador College of Veterinarians passed a resolution that their members will no longer perform cat declawing from the beginning of next year. This is in line with a very strong trend in Canada to rapidly phase …

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Ban Cat Declawing in Ontario

We don’t often discuss the topic of declawing cats in Canada. The operation of declawing a cat is widely known to be an American concept. Yet, there is a lot of it in Canada, too. I wonder if Canada got the idea from America? Let’s give Camille Cox a big pat on the back. …

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