Russia, money, banks, superstition and CATS

Russian bank promotion using domestic cats and superstitions (2014)

I’m going to combine Russia, money, banks, supersitition and cats in one article which is a bit unusual but they do go together in an odd way. The Russians appear to be quite superstitious (like a lot of nations). One superstition regards money. They believe that you can transfer energy through money (presumed to …

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Pet savings account to pay for self-insurance

Pet savings account

A designated pet savings account at your bank is a good way to manage self-insurance for cat and dog companion health. A little while ago I suggested that self-insurance is a better way to insure your pet’s health because you avoid the administration charges of a big insurance company and their necessity to make …

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Australian banks which are the friends of animal welfare and those that are not

Australia's banks who are sympathetic to animal welfare and those that are not

Businesses can align themselves with animal welfare or they can ignore it. Businesses can promote animal welfare in a variety of ways or they can shun it and even directly or indirectly by association encourage animal abuse. In all depends on senior management and whether they are enlightened and observant enough to think out …

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