Amur leopard and Amur tiger filmed walking along the same track in Russian reserve

Amur leopard

Unique footage using 40 hidden cameras has captured an Amur leopard and an Amur tiger walking along the same track in search of prey. They say that one is covering the tracks of the other. However, the Amur leopard is going to avoid a confrontation with the tiger. They will use what I call …

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BBC presenter, Clive Myrie, questions whether evacuating Ukrainians should take their cats with them

Clive Myrie presenting from Kyiv, Ukraine during the invasion

Clive Myrie is a talented and admired BBC news presenter and journalist. And rightly so. He is a top-quality presenter and in my view one of the best that the BBC has. He might be the best. But I think that he has inadvertently made a mistake which upsets me slightly. He’s been presenting …

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