Woman sees stray kitten in Walmart, buys cat food and a carrier and adopts him on the spot

Woman takes immediate action to adopt a stray cat in Walmart

This is a cool video. So immediate. So instant and so correct. A woman is shopping in a huge Walmart. She spots a crying kitten with a heart-shaped pattern on his back (she named him Wally). The woman says something like, “I’ve always dreamed of this day””. She’s seen videos online and suddenly it …

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Dog takes a shine to stray cat and they become inseparable (videos)

Benji and black cat friend

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very special relationship. It is cast-iron proof that chemistry can exist between animals just as it does between humans. Although the cat is very motivated to seek companionship. In this instance, an adorable little dog whose name is Benji, a cross between a Jack Russell …

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25-30 cats at US Embassy Kabul have been abandoned

Callie gets some attention from US Embassy staffer

NEWS AND VIEWS: I have discovered that the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan was the home for 25-30 cats. I use the past tense because all embassy staff have reportedly abandoned the station. CNN reports that the embassy is empty except for, I suspect, the 25-30 cats who depended upon the staff for sustenance. …

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Do you think that stray, unwanted cats follow people because they’ve chosen them to live with?

Stray black cat asked to be cared for by passing person. They responded.

It is a photograph of a black cat sleeping on a couch on the Reddit.com website. The photographer said: “I found him outside the gym, kept following me, what should I name him?” It’s a cool title to the photograph because he or she is saying that they adopted this cat without saying it. …

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Kind woman in China wants to make a coat for a cold feral cat

Woman in China wants to make a coat for a feral cat

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): A kind woman was filmed by another woman apparently measuring up a feral cat so that she could make a coat for the animal in preparation for a cold winter. It indicated that there are many people in China who are animal advocates. They are concerned about animal welfare and …

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