Snow seal lynx Bengal cat

This is effectively a lynx (tabby) seal pointed Bengal cat with very faint doughnut shaped (rosettes) tabby spots against a snow white coat. Phew. Quite a cat. It the first time I have seen one but they seem to have become quite popular and accepted. It is a Siamese cat – Bengal cat hybrid …

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Bengal Cat Pictures

This is another selection of Bengal cat pictures by Helmi Flick. The Bengal cat is so mainstream now that perhaps people forget that in the 1970s this breed was quite a revelation being a wild cat hybrid. The Bengal cat kicked off the trend in the late 20th century for wild cat hybrid or …

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Bengal Cats (comprehensive article)

Leopards Realm Bengal Cats

Notice and introduction – please read this short section first. This page is too long by modern standards as it was written many years ago. It is now in a number of shorter sections with links at the bottom of each page which take you to the next section (pagination). All the original information …

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Wildcat Hybrid Cats

Bengal cat – Sushi – this cat is shown here for illustrative purposes only and has no connection with this article. Photo copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect copyright. There seems to be some misconceptions around concerning wildcat hybrid cats. There also seems to be a gradual polarization of views on this type of domestic …

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Snow and Silver Bengal Cats

by Michael (London) Snow Bengal Cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick What is the difference between Snow and Silver Bengal cats? The underlying answer is in the genetics together with a subtle difference in appearance. Snow Bengals have a ground or base color that are varying shades of cream, ivory or light tan instead …

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