Do Bengal cats have breathing problems?

Four desirable Bengal kittens looking healthy

Yes, a Bengal kitten might have breathing problems if they suffer from the inherited disease flat-chest kitten syndrome (FCKS) which is similar to but not the same as pectus excavatum (PE). In both conditions the chest is compressed which results in breathing problems for the kitten. If the condition is severe the kitten does …

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HCM in male and female Bengal cats and humans, a comparison

HCM in humans and Bengal cats

I’ve spotted a peculiar anomaly in the story about HCM in Bengal cats. In case you didn’t realise it, Bengal cats are said to be predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Maine Coon cats have the same problem by the way as do some other cat breeds e.g., Ragdoll and British Shorthairs. I will take …

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Why are Bengal cats illegal in New York City (NYC)?

Suki - Bengal cat

It is difficult to believe it now but Bengal cats are controversial in some places for the single reason that they are wild cat hybrids. They have Asiatic leopard cat DNA in them to varying degrees depending on their filial – how many generations they are from the wild. Some people don’t like the …

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Joey Essex’s lost and found Bengal cat

Joey Essex and his cat ‘Prince’ are in the news because while he was in Dubai he was told his cat had gone missing. Some journalists have described his cat as a moggie. That is incorrect. A Bengal cat is a purebred cat. Moggies are random bred. Prince is a brown spotted (donut spots) …

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Bengal Cat Personality Problems

Conclusion If there is a conclusion to this discussion about Bengal cat personality problems, then it must be this: potential adopters should understand that they are going to live with a high-quality cat that is active, intelligent and in general more demanding than the average house cat and therefore they should ensure that they …

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Pictures of Bengal Cats

Harley – Bengalcattery von Satara   Guide to Owning a Bengal Cat Pictures of Bengal Cats can be spectacular because in the right setting and with good timing from the photographer a photograph of a Bengal cat can hint at the wild Asian Leopard in him. Desi That’s what you get in the photograph …

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