Tiger crosses 4-lane highway in Central India

Tiger crosses four-lane highway in India

“Instead of expecting tigers to be cautious. Isn’t it logical that authorities must be cautious while planning roads and mitigation measures? – National Tiger ConVersation Authority (NTCA) In America, sometimes a stray cat crosses the freeway. Sometimes a kitten is somehow stuck in the middle of a freeway and rescued (great work by the …

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Domestic Cats to Become Surrogate Mothers To Tigers!

In a far-fetched proposal to help save the highly endangered tiger domestic cats might become surrogate mothers to tiger cubs (it would be a “gestational surrogacy” as I understand it). This is a proposal by a scientist, Dr Franklin West. Dr West is an expert in stem cell science. He proposes creating stem cells …

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Shoot the Tiger Poachers!

Bengal tiger

The Bangladeshi authorities have stepped up their fight against tiger poachers. They have to because the poachers, funded by big business, usually in China, are winning the battle. Not enough resources are put into protecting the Bengal tiger. Having stepped up their fight against the poachers, six suspected poachers have been shot dead in …

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Bengal tiger numbers are up in India!

Bengal tiger numbers are up in India! The authorities in India have recently reported a 30% rise in the number if tigers in their country over recent years. This brings hope for their survival where in the past there were severe doubts. India declares that there are 2,226 tigers in the wild, up from …

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