Are black panthers dangerous to humans?

Poggi and Dasha

Background “Black panthers” normally refers to melanistic leopards. These are leopards that are born black (dark charcoal) because of a genetic mutation. They are called melanistic leopards. I’m referring to the common leopard. Although the term “black panther” can also refer to other big cats black pumas or jaguars. The black jaguar is frequently …

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Massive blue British Shorthair made in Moldova

Enormous British Shorthair made in Russia

This is a massive blue British Shorthair bred in Moldova. The Eastern Europeans (and Russians) have a habit of creating extraordinary purebred cats through extreme selective breeding over many years. I have never seen a British Shorthair this size before. No where near as big as this. The lady holding the cat is struggling …

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The Tigers of Bhutan

by Michael (London, UK) Photo by fPat Murray (Flickr) cropped image. I would like to talk about a wonderful television program on the BBC about the tigers of Bhutan. But was it irresponsible? And where is Bhutan? That is the first question, in fact. It is one of those, “top of the world” countries …

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Rewilding the Caspian Tiger

Rewilding the Caspian Tiger by Michael (London, UK) Siberian tiger cub (is it purebred?) – photo by flickkerphotos (Flickr) Apparently the last tiger in Kazakhastan was killed by a poacher 40 years ago. Kazakhstan is south of Russia. It is a large country, the world’s ninth largest, and it has a small population of …

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Putin Likes Tigers

Putin Likes Tigers by Michael (London, UK) It is a blessing that Putin the Prime Minister of Russia likes tigers. Putin has been criticised by his political opponents, human rights organisations and commentators for turning the clock back in respect of democracy and human rights in Russia but he bloody well likes tigers (he …

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