Can tigers mate with: leopards, jaguars and lions?

Can tigers mate with lions, leopards and jaguars?

The best source for information of this kind is Sarah Hartwell’s She is quite clear on this. While lions, jaguars and leopards can all mate with each other to ‘form viable hybrids’, the tiger can only successfully mate to produce viable offspring with the lion. When a tiger mates with the leopard the …

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Big Cat Hybrids (infographic)

Liger pair at South Korean Zoo

This infographic lists the big cat hybrids. These human-made ‘creations’ are frivolous experiments in captivity by, arguably, abusive individuals with nothing better to do. I can’t think of any scientific or conservation benefit in their creation. They are the work of curious individuals participating in self-indulgent experiments. Someone else will have a different viewpoint …

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