Belief in big cats in the UK countryside linked to religious beliefs

Mystery big cat sighting? A tangible manifestation of an intangible generalised fear.

OPINION: I believe that there is a link between the belief that big cats exist in the UK and religion. Both require faith and belief without evidence. Ultimately religion is based upon faith and the belief of a supernatural being, a god. And ultimately when people believe that there are wild large cats roaming …

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DEBUNKING the theory that this photograph of a black panther proves that big cats roam the British countryside

Debunking the theory that this clear picture of a black panther proves that big cats roam the UK countryside

The Times and other news media outlets, today, August 16, 2023, report on the discovery of a photograph of what to me is clearly a melanistic leopard (black panther) in long grass which carried an inscription saying that it was taken in Smallthorne, Staffordshire, UK. The person who wrote the inscription did not provide …

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Picture of black domestic cat versus genuine black panther in profile debunks the mystery big cat sightings

Comparing in profile the black domestic cat and the genuine black panther

Several times each year the news media jump all over a mysterious black panther prowling around the British countryside tearing livestock to pieces. A lot of the time it is news media fiction – clickbait as it is a slow news day – but sometimes amateur observers genuinely believe that they’ve seen a black …

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Bengal and Savannah cats outside can look like wild cats and they can frighten the public

Bengal cat outside looks like a wild cat

I think that one very good reason why it is inadvisable to allow your wildcat hybrid such as the Bengal or Savannah cats outside unsupervised is because, at a distance, and if an observer is unsure, they look very much like a genuine wild cat. Perhaps the observer lets their imagination run wild and …

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Black Panther caught on video in Sydney’s North Shore?

Black panther or domestic or feral cat? is probably taking the piss but they might be genuine but mistaken. They have a story about a university student capturing on video a large, black domestic cat (in my considered view) which has been described as a “black panther”. Black panthers normally refer to melanistic jaguars i.e. black jaguars. If the phrase …

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‘Clear picture’ of puma in British countryside is a domestic cat (as usual)

Claimed clear picture of puma in UK countryside!

This is meant to be one of the clearest photos of a ‘wild puma’ ever seen in Britain…ugh. It was taken by a woman on her phone as she was going to work. She said the cat was the size of a collie. The description of the cat’s size alone eliminates the possibility of …

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Big cat sighting in Southern Italy is likely to be genuine

Big cat sighting in Italy?

This is one of the few possibly genuine big cat sightings in Europe. So often they are domestic cats. There is an innate fear of cats which promotes many false big cat sightings. However, it is probable that the three big cat sightings since January 15th of a large black cat, a panther, in …

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