Black Panther caught on video in Sydney’s North Shore?

Black panther or domestic or feral cat? is probably taking the piss but they might be genuine but mistaken. They have a story about a university student capturing on video a large, black domestic cat (in my considered view) which has been described as a “black panther”. Black panthers normally refer to melanistic jaguars i.e. black jaguars. If the phrase …

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‘Clear picture’ of puma in British countryside is a domestic cat (as usual)

Claimed clear picture of puma in UK countryside!

This is meant to be one of the clearest photos of a ‘wild puma’ ever seen in Britain…ugh. It was taken by a woman on her phone as she was going to work. She said the cat was the size of a collie. The description of the cat’s size alone eliminates the possibility of …

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Big cat sighting in Southern Italy is likely to be genuine

Big cat sighting in Italy?

This is one of the few possibly genuine big cat sightings in Europe. So often they are domestic cats. There is an innate fear of cats which promotes many false big cat sightings. However, it is probable that the three big cat sightings since January 15th of a large black cat, a panther, in …

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Missouri Department of Conservation make the effort to prove mountain lion sighting is incorrect

Comparing domestic cat with cut out of mountain lion

It is unusual for a state department to become involved like this in taking the time and trouble to prove that a citizen of the state has got it wrong when they say they have seen a mountain lion. In this instance, a woman made a video of a cat walking along the top …

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