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Four kittens - the average litter size

What is the average size of a cat litter?

The average (and ideal) litter for a queen seems to be about four kittens. Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians tells us that ‘statistics kept on pedigree cats indicate that most breeds tend...

Mom and kittens

What cat had the most kittens?

The question is a search term on Google i.e. not my wording, and is two questions rolled into one which I have reformulated: Which domestic cat has given birth to the largest litter of...

Research into a drug to control cat births

Cat birth control drugs

Bearing in mind widespread spaying and neutering – surgical procedures to stop the procreation of unwanted cats – it would nice if there was a safe and effective cat birth control drug in 2019....

Do cats have birth certificates?

Do cats have birth certificates?

Normally, domestic cats do not have birth certificates but if you want one you can get one online. However, normally it won’t carry any formal or legal significance but it might please you for sentimental reasons. It would be a ‘keepsake birth certificate’.

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