Happy cat owner tip 1: wearing wellies!

Wearing wellies to protect one's legs against your cat's play attack

This looks a bit strange – very strange perhaps – but effective. The idea comes from Rebecca Watson in her book The Cat Expert. I like the idea if you have a problem with your kitten or cat attacking your lower leg and/or ankles a lot. Wearing wellies protects them until they get out …

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Cat licks your passive hand and then suddenly bites it hard. Explanation.

Cat bites hand

My conclusion from my discussion below is that domestic cats can get confused when they are licking their owner’s passive hand at a time when there is no petting and relate to the hand as food, perhaps a prey animal and bite it. It is an instinctive mental aberration brought about because of conflict …

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‘Cat love bites’ – what do they mean and why do they happen?

Biting after or during petting session

The ‘cat love bite’ is, I believe, a misnomer. This is not about biting you because he/she loves you. Cats might bite their owner for a number of reasons (e.g. redirected aggression) but in this article I’ll discuss the reason why cat owners call this version of cat biting ‘love bites’. It happens when …

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How do I stop my cat biting me?

How can I stop my cat biting me?

This is a very commonly asked question. You have to ask another question before this question, which is why it is your cat biting you? I would speculate and say that most cat bites on people occur because the person is using their hands to play with their cat. If that is the case …

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