Primary Abyssinian cat health problem is inherited progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) causing blindness

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a hereditary eye disease leading to blindness, was found in the Abyssinian breed of cat

Introduction: I am focusing on the primary health problem suffered by this cat: inherited progressive retinal atrophy which is very serious. The first section was written by ChatGPT, an AI computer. It is well written and accurate in my view. There follows references to 3 studies. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a group of …

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Blind cat ‘Nado’ rescued from the rubble of Texas animal shelter destroyed by a tornado (picture)

Blind cat Nado rescued from tornado damaged animal shelter in Texas

This is such a tender, sad, compelling photograph of a blind cat who was rescued from the Jacksboro Animal Shelter in Texas. The shelter was destroyed by a tornado. It seems that Texas has been affected by tornadoes recently. Perhaps they’ve been off the news because of the Ukraine invasion. They named the cat …

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Blinded by battle, beat up male street cat finds a home

Floyd Mayweather in cage

NEW JERSEY, USA: A battle-scarred, blind street cat has been given a home. This chonky male tabby has been renamed Floyd Mayweather after the boxer by his forever human companion and caregiver. He has found warmth and love in stark contrast to his life on the street where he became blind due to constant …

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Hairless and eyeless cat Jasper from a horror movie

Jasper - a hairless and eyeless cat

This is Jasper who is both hairless and eyeless. He’s a Sphynx cat so that he is hairless for that reason and he lost his eyes to a feline herpesvirus infection. He lost his right eye first as it became ulcerated and had to be removed. Then five years later he lost his other …

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Are blind cats more affectionate?

Samuel a loving and highly affectionate blind cat rescued from a hoarder

Are blind cats more affectionate? I don’t know for sure but I’ll guess that they are because they are more vulnerable. They need a human carer more urgently than a sighted cat. They are more dependent on a human guardian. This may strengthen the relationship which may lead to a blind cat becoming more …

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