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Blind cat

How can I tell if my cat is blind?

How can I tell if my cat is blind or has impaired vision? I think that this is quite a good question because although often it may be obvious, on other occasions it might...

Is this golden British Shorthair blind. He is Pisco the Cat.

Is Pisco the Cat blind?

Is this adorable cat Instagram star blind? No, but there is something odd or wrong here I feel. Pisco the Cat is a Golden British Shorthair. The main reason why he is so popular...

Samuel a loving and highly affectionate blind cat rescued from a hoarder

Are blind cats more affectionate?

Are blind cats more affectionate? I don’t know for sure but I’ll guess that they are because they are more vulnerable. They need a human carer more urgently than a sighted cat. They are...

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