Bob the Cat flies first class to promote new movie “A Street Cat Named Bob”

You remember Bob, the ginger tabby street who dramatically turned around the life of James Bowen, 37, who was, before he met Bob, a London busker and heroin addict. Their story is all over the internet and rightly so (see tagged articles) . It’s as good a story as Grumpy cat, probably better because …

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James Bowen who has made a half million pounds from his book about Bob the cat has rent paid by the taxpayer

You probably remember James Bowen and Bob the cat. James was a busker, homeless and a heroin addict when along came a ginger tabby street cat who he called Bob. They formed a great partnership. Bob helped James to straighten out his life and James provided companionship, food and shelter for Bob. As a …

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How To Make Money From A Cat (without trying)

James Bowen must have made quite a lot of money from Bob his cat companion. James recently visited his publisher, Hodder & Stoughton, who told him that he had sold his millionth book in Britain. We are not told how many books he has sold elsewhere but we are told they are “international best …

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