Ginger tabby with quadruple-kinked, short tail and a great character

Short kinked tail of 'Crookie'

I received an email from Heather about her cat’s short, quadruple-kinked tail and as there is interesting domestic cat history about kinked and shortened tails, I thought it would be nice to discuss it! Here is Heather’s email. She lives with a rare cat in the USA. They are far more common in the …

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Lots of Asian cats have bent and short tails. Why?

Rudolph Furtado, POC’s Asian reporter in Mumbai, India, has recently returned from Indonesia where he noticed a large number of short-tailed cats and some with kinked tails. Singapore SPCA say short tailed cats are common and they are born that way. That is the obvious reason: genetics and inheritance; however, Robinson’s Genetics (a well-known …

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Pixie Bob

Above: ‘Proud Foot’- Pixie bob cat photo ©copyright Helmi Flick Introduction This cat is meant to look wild1, as wild as possible it seems but it is entirely domestic – there are no wildcat genes. The coat, although a tabby one should look like a wild cat tabby coat and not the refined, enhanced, …

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