Pictures of bodega cats enjoying warmth from machines

Beautiful ginger tabby Bodega cat enjoying the heat coming out of a till in a shop.

Bodega cats are famous. Particularly the New York bodega cats. And domestic cats are famously attracted to sources of warmth. The shops might get quite chilly during the winter with the front door open. And all devices on standby, as they must be in a shop, will emit heat. This includes freezers and chillers …

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Large rat helps itself to food in Rome delicatessen. They need a bodega cat!

Rat munches on deli produce at Rome supermarket without interference

A large rat which crept into a Rome supermarket and helped itself at the deli counter in front of customers has become a sensation and racked up more than half a million views on the Instagram page where it has been published under the account name WELCOMETOFAVELAS_. Customers asked how it was possible and …

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