Picture of a Bombay cat with shining golden eyes

Bombay cat with glistening gold eyes

The Bombay should have a jet-black coat and gold or copper eyes. Here is some more on this breed: The Bombay cat is a striking feline breed that resembles a miniature panther. Here are some key characteristics and information about these sleek parlor panthers: Appearance: Personality Traits: History: Care: In summary, the Bombay cat …

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Bombay Cat PASSION – a beauty, plus info. on the breed

Film inspires people to adopt black cats

This is a Helmi Flick photograph of the prize-winning Bombay cat PASSION; full name: Toriland Passion of Chaparral (human companions: Jeff & Heather Roberts). The photograph is strictly ©copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect Helmi’s copyright – thank you. Below is another well-known Bombay cat being photograph by Helmi Flick. It shows the table set …

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Bombay cat health issues

Bombay cat and shoes

Like many purebred cats (all purebred cats?) the Bombay cat has some health issues. I am referring to genetically inherited conditions. Firstly, I will quote verbatim from what I consider to be the best book on inherited genetic diseases in purebred cats, namely, Medical, Genetic and Behavioural Aspects of Purebred Cats edited by Ross …

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Jet black Bombay cat has white “eyebrows” due to thin hair above the eyes

Bombay cat with thin fur above the eyes

People ask, “Why is my cat losing hair above his eyes?” The likely reason why your cat has thinning hair above his eyes is because of naturally occurring alopecia, which is not a health issue and fairly common. The thinning of hair often extends to the area between the eye and the ear flap …

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Black Cat Breeds

Bombay cat

There is only one cat breed which must be black under the breed standard and this breed can be no other colour. This is the Bombay Cat. At present the Internet is slightly misleading in my view because the articles presented by search engines on “black cat breeds” discuss a range of cat breeds …

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