You can tell the difference between tree and ground dwelling cats from their morphology

You can tell the difference between the three-dwelling cats and the ground-dwelling cats through their morphology which is their form and function.

All members of the cat family (Felidae) have an evolutionary desire to move vertically. It is part of their survival skill set but some cat species are described as ‘arboreal’ meaning they live in trees as much or more than living on the ground (terrestrial). Two of these species are the clouded leopard and …

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What kind of sounds did the sabretooth cats make?

Sabre-toothed cats endurance hunting in packs in ancient times

People are very familiar with the distinctive and iconic appearance of the sabretooth tiger and other species of sabertooths, which became extinct about 10,000 years ago. They were slightly smaller than today’s biggest lions and tigers and the question being discussed here is whether they roared like a lion. A study from North Carolina …

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Little Roo Rus – disabled cats can be the best cat companions

Cute kangaroo cat - Little Roo Russ

This is super-cute Little Roo Russ. She was brought to a shelter in late April 2016. Shelter staff knew immediately that something was wrong. She was walking in a strange way and was much smaller than her siblings. They x-rayed her and found that she did not have any elbow joints. This must have …

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Bird attacks domestic cat. Cat makes mighty leap in retaliation.

Domestic cat leaps high and far to catch a bird

Flying kitty from r/gifs My impression is that this bird is a magpie and she is defending her young. I’m not an ornithologist so I am assessing what’s happened as a layperson (update: the magpie is attacking the cat during nesting season). The cat, which looks like a dilute ginger tabby, simply wandered onto …

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Sagittal crest in cats

Domestic cat skull showing sagittal crest

What is the sagittal crest in cats? It is a ridge running down the midline of the skull. You should be able to feel it when you stroke your cat’s head. Many carnivores have it. Its presence indicates that the jaw muscles are strong. Humans don’t have it but some individuals have a ‘sagittal …

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