Sporotrichosis in cats and people is rare in the UK and most common in Brazil

Sporotrichosis is a zoonosis which means it can be transmitted from cat to person and is most commonly found in Brazil in both cats and people.

NEWS AND OPINION: I make sure that people realise that in some of my articles I express my opinion as I feel I must but opinions are always based on hard facts and careful research. In this instance, remarkably, Google News reports on a UK government website article about sporotrichosis, a fungal disease commonly …

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Stop dumping cats on Brazil’s ‘Island of the Cats’ and practice TNR

Brazil's Island of the Cats

Brazil’s Island of the Cats is Brazil’s dirty feline secret but it is a secret no more because is a catastrophe in terms of animal welfare which need to be addressed urgently but decisions about this island, chock-a-block with unwanted cats, are constantly put back as people scratch their heads as to what to …

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Main cause of domestic cat death at Brazilian animal Hospital was digestive system diseases

This post is over 2 pages…An interesting study published in 2018, which has come to my noticed today, states that the main cause of death of domestic cats taken to a veterinary hospital in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was digestive system diseases (13.71%) and within this category the most common illness was …

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Brazil’s Cat Island

Brazil's Cat Island

The cats of Brazil’s Cat Island need help because the coronavirus pandemic has left them supported to a much lower level than before. Tourists who fed the cats don’t travel to the island anymore due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. It is believed that the colony of semi-domesticated stray cats on this small island …

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