How to become a cat breeder – some thoughts focusing on ethics

Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

This page is in two parts. The second part, half way down the page, I wrote about 12 years ago. In that section you can tell that I dislike the idea of cat breeding for the simple reason that we have too many cats in shelters. We don’t need to artificially create more. However, …

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Charity calls for ban on breeding of wild cat hybrids

Serval rescued from France

The Wildheart Trust has launched a campaign to ban the breeding of wild cat hybrids. I’m referring to the cross-breeding of wild cats with domestic cats to create a hybrid which at the first generation is half wild cat and half domestic cat (first filial). At subsequent generations there is less wild cat blood …

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Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) should revise breed standards as the Kennel Club has done for the French bulldog

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has been under pressure for decades to revise the breed standard i.e. the guidelines, for the flat-faced cat breeds namely the Exotic Shorthair, the Persian and the Himalayan. I hope that the pressure has been ramped up on the news that the Kennel Club has revised its guidelines for …

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Toddler takes Siamese kitten from mother and mother wants her kitten back

Siamese cat mother wants her kitten back from toddler who has taken him

An interesting video because it shows, in a way, a competition between a female Siamese cat who has given birth to a kitten in someone’s home and a toddler who wants to hold her kitten because she is fascinated with this cute creature. Cat and human are fighting over a kitten; not good. Note: …

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What does breeding true mean?

Genes and chromosomes

“Breeding true” means that the offspring look like their parents. It is achieved by “line breeding” which is a form of inbreeding which ideally does not transfer undesirable traits together with those traits that the breeder wants such as the correct phenotype (appearance as per the breed standard). It is a fine balance being …

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What is a Scottish Straight cat?

Scottish Straight red bicolor kitten

A Scottish straight cat is a Scottish Fold without the flat ears. So, what is the purpose of a Scottish Fold without folded ears? I think that that is a reasonable question because the distinguishing characteristic of the Scottish Fold is obviously the way the ears fold onto the cranium. Without that owl-lke characteristic …

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Hypocritical Cat Fanciers’ Association’s utterly confused breed standards

Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

I don’t want to criticise the almighty Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), probably the most influential cat association on the planet but…they are hypocritical in a very fundamental way. It has to be stated until they do something about it. Yes, I am addressing that thorn in the flesh, long-term problem: the runny eyes, tear …

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The domestic cat’s unexpressive face

Grumpy cat ascii

The domestic cat, we have to admit, has an unexpressive face compared to that of humans. This allows us to project our thoughts onto our cat. The reason is because their ability to be social is only a few thousand years old. The domestic cat has evolved from a solitary animal to a social …

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