EU advises a period of darkness every day for breeding cats and dogs

Breeding male cat in darkness as recommended by the EFSA to ensure that they maintain their circadian rhythm

The Commission of the European Union commissioned one of their agencies, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to produce a scientific report on the welfare of cats and dogs in commercial breeding premises destined for sport, hunting and as companion animals. They addressed several issues including the housing of the cats and dogs and …

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Designer dog breeders abandon damaged, retired breeding bitches to animal shelters


Today, The Sunday Times reports on a worrying story about designer dogs being abandoned by breeders to shelters when they are done with them. In this instance I’m talking about the ever-popular dachshund, a breed that was particularly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic as was the French bulldog. Louise Eccles in her Sunday Times …

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Inexperienced dog owners punish ‘Pandemic Puppies’ for problem behaviour

Study indicates that there are problem puppies in England because of a surge in purchases by first-time buyers during the pandemic who lacked experience and who have punished puppies for bad behaviour due to poor breeding practices.

NEWS AND OPINION: The Times and other newspapers have reported on an interesting study which looks at a companion animal phenomenon which has been mentioned before. The center of attention in this instance is “Pandemic Puppies”; puppies purchased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study looked at the motivations and behaviour of UK purchasers of …

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Los Angeles proposes a pause to the issuing of animal breeding licences

LA Animal Services

NEWS AND COMMENT: I’m told that Los Angeles City Council is considering a moratorium on the issuing of breeding licences. That means a pause to the issuing of permits to breed which I presume mainly means dog and cat breeders in the city of Los Angeles. The reason why the council wants to stop …

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