Speciesism is applied less by the British compared to New Zealanders

What is speciesism?

A survey carried out by the University of Exeter concerning the difficulties of distinguishing between wildcats and feral cats in order to control feral cat populations, came to the conclusion that speciesism is applied less often in Britain than in New Zealand. What is speciesism? It is valuing one species of animal above another. …

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Brits will shrug off the warning about outside cats picking up parasites

cat enjoying himself outside in long grass

It’s all over the internet at present; research indicating that outside cats are three times more likely to pick up a parasitic infection than indoor cats. But Brits will totally ignore this. It will have no impact on their decision making about whether to allow their cat outside or not. Cat owners did not …

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Why Are the British Considered to Be Animal Lovers?

Aside from the fact that the British created the world’s first animal welfare charity in the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA), I would like to briefly focus on the character of the British to see whether people’s perception of the British character matches up to the sort of character, in a …

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