Persian cat fur is unnaturally long unfortunately which makes a lion cut a practical solution

Persian kitten given a lion cut because of poop on the bottom

Giving a Persian cut for health reasons (some do it for the look) is a loving aspect of cat care. But it is bit peculiar that we have Persian cat breeders doing all they can to give their cats long fur following the breed standard for it to be shaved off because it is …

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Brushing a cat with a toothbrush reminds them of mother’s tongue

Cat being groomed with a toothbrush

Another trend has started up on the Chinese social media website TikTok. You know the website that President Trump wants to shut down or be taken over by an American company as he can’t trust them. TickTok is in the same bracket as Huawei. But it is an enormously popular site with the young …

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Do cats like being combed or brushed?

Combing includes flea combing. They should be combined

Dr Bruce Fogle in his book Complete Cat Care writes “You pick up your cat comb, and your cat vanishes”. He’s saying that some cats associate being combed with discomfort and therefore run away when you bring out the comb. For me, it’s the complete opposite. My cat loves to be combed and I …

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My shorthair cat ate the hairballs of my longhair cat causing a blockage

Cat hairball

By Madison I was remiss in not brushing my short hair cat. He never had hairballs and for ten years he was fine. I regularly brush his brother, a long haired cat prone to hairballs, and was perplexed when Toby, the short hair, stopped eating and the X-rays showed a mass stuck in duodenum. …

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